Evagrius, On Prayer 23–27


If you are patient, you will always pray with joy.


While you are praying as you ought, situations will come to mind where you will think that you are entirely justified in using anger. Yet quite simply, there is no justified anger against your neighbor. If you examine the situation, you’ll find that it is possible for it to be resolved well even without anger. So use every means at your disposal not to break out in anger.


See to it that while you think you are curing another you do not become incurable yourself and thereby cut off the growth of your prayer.


By being sparing with anger you will find yourself spared. You will show yourself to be prudent and will be counted among those who truly pray.


As you are defending yourself against anger, you should never give into lust. Lust provides fuel to anger, which in turn disturbs the eye of the mind and ruins the state of prayer.

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