Greek Verse(s) of the Day

Here are two verses from the Psalm I’m reading this morning, a portion from the “my life is terrible” part, and a portion from the “God has delivered me!” part. Both are good :-).

Update: It looks like I misread the Psalm. I *think* that the whole Psalm is a complaint. The latter verse is then part of the Psalmist’s argument with God: “I’ve hoped on you, so am I still suffering?”

“ἡ καρδία μου ἐταράχθη, ἐγκατέλιπέν με ἡ ἰσχύς μου,
καὶ τὸ φῶς τῶν ὀφθαλμῶν μου καὶ αὐτὸ οὐκ ἔστιν μετ᾿ ἐμοῦ.”

“My heart is troubled, and my strength as forsaken me,

and the light of my own eyes is not with me”
Psalm 37:11 (LXX)

ὅτι ἐπὶ σοί, κύριε, ἤλπισα·
σὺ εἰσακούσῃ, κύριε ὁ θεός μου.

Because on you, Lord, I hoped;

You will hear me, Lord my God.
Psalm 37:16 (LXX)

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