Enjoying “Jesus and the Victory of God”

I was at Border’s the other night, and was shocked to stumble across N.T. Wright’s Jesus and the Victory of God. I’m used to seeing his more popular level books in stores, but hadn’t ever seen one of his more scholarly tomes. Naturally, I interpreted this as God’s guidance to finally read this wonderful oeuvre ;-). I’m several chapters in and loving the book so far. After diving into Greek and Patristics, it’s refreshing to read something that is:

a) In English
b) Centered around Jesus
c) In English
d) Written by Tom Wright

I don’t know that I’ll be blogging about it much, but I will certainly be enjoying it.


One thought on “Enjoying “Jesus and the Victory of God”

  1. I am surprised that the book was there. In Australia we probably have a more secular dynamic than the US and the chances of finding anything but Da Vinci Code style rubbish or the odd Ehrman book in the religion section would be a true sign from God. For that reason, the Christian bookshops rip us off like there is no tomorrow :P

    Enjoy the book, it is one that I am yet to complete. It’s just so big that I know it isn’t going anywhere

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