Gregory of Nazianzus

Here, I collect links to all of the various posts that relate to Gregory’s Oration 41.15-16.  In it, Gregory discusses the miracle of Pentecost. I’ve puzzled over this passage for quite sometime, and so I collect the various posts here.  I’ll also make PDFs available for download here once I get the time.  

I should note that the posts here span over a period of nearly half a year, and my thinking has developed quite a bit.  I raise questions or make assertions in earlier posts that don’t necessarily represent my thinking now, just as my thinking may very well evolve further.

Texts and Translations

Greek Text of Oration 41.15-16
Latin Translation by Rufinus of Aquileia (At Charles Sullivan’s site)
My Most Recent English Translation (Feb 15, 2013)
My Original English Translation  (Sept 28, 2012)
Post-Nicene Fathers English Translation (From the CCEL site)

Ancient Commentary

Maximus the Confessor 
Nicetas Heracleensis (Parts 1, 2)
Basil the Lesser
Michael Psellos (Op. 60: parts 1, 2, 3 ; Op. 74: part 1)

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