Poem: Gentleness in Late Summer

Gentleness– tying one’s shoes in a rainstorm,
the feel of water giving all its rinse,
the dragonflies producing their own form,
the savoring of your sensuous feminine scents.
With gentleness I said “yes” to a child,
a crop that is still many years away–
Our bodies tangled up, so spry and wild,
embracing toil in hope of harvest day.
The meek, you say, the gentle get the land,
“indulge they will in plenitudes of peace.”
A home they find, not crashing in the sand,
but one from worry proffering release.
My Christ, in you I’ve found a fortress strong,
that gentleness for which I deeply long.

August 30, 2020 at Elk Neck State Park.

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