Lots of changes in my life have taken place recently. After working at IBM for over 3 years, I’ve left to focus on my studies full time. I have moved to the DC area, and am slowly settling in. There are plenty of things to unpack, and plenty of new items to adjust to in a new city. Most of all, I’ve to adjust to my wife still being in Raleigh. She still has a semester left to finish her B.S. at NC State, which means we’ll only see each other on weekends. Fortunately the train ride isn’t bad.

Speaking of studies, graduate orientation was today. I got to meet the majority of the entering Greek and Latin students, which was a treat. I’ve also taken placement tests for both Greek and Latin this week. The tests were long (3 hours a piece), and quite detailed. I believe I did well, but I’m still waiting on the results. Results pending, I’ll be taking the following courses this fall:

  • Latin Prose Composition– A detailed review of Latin grammar, and close analysis (and imitation) of classical Latin stylists like Cicero.
  • History of the Ancient Mediterranean– A historical overview of the Mediterranean region from ca. 200 to about 800.
  • Homer– We’ll primarily be reading from the Iliad, as I understand it.
  • Intro to Syriac

Classes begin next week, and naturally I’m excited. As I come across interesting items in my work, I’ll try to share them here.

Of course, interesting items abound elsewhere. The Origen codex remains a vital interest, though I’ve neglected it. Likewise, I photographed plenty of interesting Chrysostom material while I was in Oxford. My photos aren’t the best, but they are good enough to read from, so I hope to post some transcriptions and translations as time permits. Hélas, tempus fugit!

ὁ ταπεινὸς ἁμαρτωλός Ἀλεξάνδρος

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