Prepping for a visit to Europe

No Eusebius translation progress made.  I’m still half way done on a draft of his comments on Psalm 110 (109 LXX).  The comments are quite interesting, but I haven’t gotten around to finishing yet, and I probably won’t before I leave the country for two weeks ;-).

In a few days I’ll be traveling to Europe to meet up with my girlfriend and her family.  We’ll get to see Paris, Italy, and Switzerland:  about 16 days in all.  I’m quite excited, as I’ll finally be able to put my French to good use.  I’d also love to pick up a something from the “Sources Chretiennes” series while I’m in Paris, but I can’t for the life me of figure out how how to find a French “libraire” that would have anything like that.

So, if anyone has recommendations for things to while in Paris, please let me know!


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