A Golden Quote from the Golden Mouth

I was (attempting) reading some Greek yesterday from my recently acquired Patristic Greek Reader. It has readings from a wide variety of fathers. Yesterday I was reading from Melito of Sardis’ On the Passover and some from Chrysostom’s homilies on Matthew. Melito definitely deserves a post of his own, but I wanted to note here a quote of Chrysostom’s that jumped out at me:

“Ουδε γαρ σκευων χρειαν εχει χρυσων ὁ Θεος, αλλα ψευχων χρυσων”

“For God doesn’t need vessels of gold, but golden souls.”

Little bits like these definitely encourage me to read more Chrysostom, even though his Greek is very difficult for me. I’ve lots to learn ;-).


2 thoughts on “A Golden Quote from the Golden Mouth

  1. Chrysostom sure has a way with words – I like it! Here’s a similar play on words from one of his homilies on 1 Corinthians:
    “If I have declared these things more plainly than I ought, let no one blame me. For I do not want to make a display of dignified words, but rather to make my hearers dignified.” Homily 37, PG 61.320

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