On Poetics Or Music That I like

I find myself frustrated with most mainstream contemporary Christian music. I wish it weren’t so, if only because it is so ubiquitous! Some of it is the lyrics, some is just the musical style. However, there are some less well known artists that I absolutely love (though it probably wouldn’t be right to lump them into the CCM genre). One of my favorite artists is John Mark McMillan. His most popular song is ‘How He Loves,’ though most people don’t know that he wrote it.  It’s been covered by several artists, most notably David Crowder Band.

You may not care for the music (it’s a mix of folk and rock, often reminiscent of Springsteen), but his lyrics are amazing. I happen to like the music, but his poetry is amazing.  His most recent album, “The Medicine” is basically an extended meditation on the resurrection of the dead.  One of my favorite songs is “Death in His Grave,” where you get “He has cheated / Hell and seated / us above the fall.”  Or in “Skeleton Bones,” where you get “Skeleton Bones / stand at the sound of eternity on / the lips of the found / yeah gravestones roll / to the rhythm of the sound of you.”  He’s got several videos up on his blog,  including the story behind “How He loves.”  Do yourself a favor and check out his music!


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