God, Girlfriends & Greek Memorization

So some big personal news on the memorization front: my plans have completely changed! My girlfriend Brianna and I had been working through 1 Corinthians. So far, we had memorized chapters 1-6 (well, I was not quite done with 6… ;-) ). We had stalled out for the past month or two, and not memorized any more, so this week we decided to get started again. I planned to pursue 1 Corinthians in English and do some Greek in John. However, God interrupted my plans ;-). I felt very clear direction (which doesn’t always happen) to continue entirely in Greek. This was a rather scary and exciting consideration! God has been very graceful thus far. I’ve memorized the first eight verses in 1 Corinthians 6 and it has been tons of fun.

And this was not just “more work” for me. This means Brianna is learning some Greek too! In the past two days, she’s already learned enough of the pronunciation to catch my mistakes when I’m quoting. And on top of it all, she’s excited about it! Even if the excitement was a little bit subdued this morning at 8am ;-). The title of this post was almost “why I have the best girlfriend in the world!” She not only supports my geeky endeavors (like teaching myself Greek), but is willing to learn enough to help me. Ἠ δοξα θεῳ!


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