As part of the aforementioned guidance, I also felt compelled to finally purchase some nice Bible software. I had nearly decided on logos, but at the last minute I decided to purchase the Accordance Scholar’s Premier package. I’ll have access to an electronic NA27 Greek text, some wonderful lexicons, the NET Translation notes, and the Septuagint! I also plan on purchasing the apostolic fathers for use with my paper on Ignatius, and eventually BDAG as well. I’ve a hard copy of the older edition, but it will be nice have electronic access to the best Greek lexicon out there!

It has certainly been an exciting couple of days.

On another note, does anyone know what the name of the book that has the vocabulary chapter by chapter in the Greek New Testament, instead of in alphabetical order? I was thinking it might be useful if it’s not too expensive, but I can’t remember its name.


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