Movie: The Book of Eli

I just saw the Book of Eli, which I had been looking forward to since I saw the previews months ago. I did enjoy the film, but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping. The end of the film had some great points and also some points that left you scratching your head. Some have complained that the movie was too churchy, but I’d say that it was more pro-religion in general than specifically Christian (Christ is not mentioned at all in the movie; there are only references to God). It will certainly resonate with our the Christian roots of our culture, but it would probably resonate just as well within a Muslim or Jewish culture with a few modifications. The fighting in the movie was mostly well done and appropriate to the setting, but the film overall left me with the sense that it was a great idea that could have been executed better. I’d recommend it, but with the qualifications that some of the dialogue and acting wasn’t that great.

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