The Inaugural Post

So this is my first post in the biblioblogging world. I look forward to joining a community, indeed a conversation, which I’ve immensely enjoyed following thus far. My hope here is to grow in faith as I wrestle with ideas. Writing forces me to think a bit more coherently than I would otherwise. My reflections will likely pertain to biblical studies, but will likely venture off that path at certain points. Hopefully, there will be plenty of exegesis. My hope is to dig into the biblical world(s) and hear the words as they were originally heard. I pray I’ll have ears to hear and eyes to see. To this end I’m studying koine Greek. I’m having a blast so far (and trying not to bug those around me ;-) )

I’ll also be reflecting on the books I read. I could sit in a bookstore for hours, and I give a fair amount of my paycheck to amazon. I’m rather blessed to have access to several university libraries (including the Duke Divinity one!), so I’m hoping this blog will spur on more, quality reading.  I’m hoping too my writing will improve! Being a computer science major means that I don’t have the outlet for the humanities I once had, so keeping my communication skills sharp will be quite helpful. I’ll finish this inaugural post off with a list of what I’m reading or studying:

  • Justification: God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision – N.T. Wright
  • Basics of Biblical Greek (and workbook) – Bill Mounce
  • My Utmost for His Highest – Oswald Chambers
  • ESV Study Bible (Strange because I’m thoroughly Arminian and probably more egalitarian than anything else; still a treat to have)

Some unfinished works:

  • Confessions – St Augustine. I’m working through these very slowly
  • Cost of Discipleship- Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Temporary hiatus.

Well, a prayer of dedication is in order. To you, triune God, I devote these writings. May I write as one having insight into the mystery of Christ, which you, O Father, have poured into us by the Holy Spirit. May I think and act as christian, as one who bears the image of the triune God, as one who has been forgiven, and as one who eagerly anticipates the renewal of all things, the parousia, the new creation. To you, blessed God, be all glory, all power, all honor, and all strength. Amen.

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