CUA Christian Culture(s) in the Patristic Age (Presentation Link)

For my presentation today at Catholic University of America’s conference on “Christian Culture and Cultures in the Patristic Age,” I’ve created with the Greek and English text of the poem I’ll be discussing (Gregory of Nazianzus’ poem 1.1.11, On the Incarnation). I’m particularly exited to show off the capabilities of, an excellent annotation tool.

You may find the demo site here:

Upcoming Presentation: Oct. 4, 2019 at CUA

This Friday (Oct. 4, 2019), I’ll be giving a presentation at a conference at CUA devoted to Christian Culture in the Patristic age (program here). The presentation is devoted to Gregory’s poem 1.1.11, On the Incarnation (see my blog post here, for more on that poem). The presentations are aimed at a general audience, so if you’re in the area of Washington DC it would be a lovely way to spend an Autumn Friday. Prof. Robert Wilken will be delivering the keynote.