Anacostia Trail Bike Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Instructions: Snap a picture of each sign, object, or location you find, then send it to Alex (301-437-4161) by iMessage or WhatsApp.



On this bridge you will certainly find a flag,
O’er it we go to the farm with our bag.

At this park there once was big ol’ large battle,
In its many gazebos coo queen makes a rattle.

This city’s cheese we put in our pancakes,
they sure are delicious e’en if they might be fakes.


On this sign you’ll see a company’s name,
Their customers’ timeliness they always maim.

On this sign you’ll read a syn’nym of bog,
And also a cage where one might put a dog.

This city is known for big tall skyscrapers,
And all sorts of villains and comical capers.

Why limit your gardens to only the land?
This fair place extends to water from sand.

Here you will find mentioned a watery creature,
Its ramparts of wood are its trademark feature.


In this park play athletes of great import,
they cover their bases when playing this sport.



Herein you will find three screws of Archimedes,
Which deal with the onslaught of inflowing eddies.


A trail that is namèd for arms of a tree,
Along with that pigment beloved by Miki.

Herein you will find a goddess’s Lake,
Who loveth to hunt instead of to bake.


A playground on which you’ll find a tipi,
Correct it is not politically.